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A NATIVE OF SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA, Michael Wickes grew up among horses. In his early thirties he wrote magazine articles for a living. The need to illustrate his writing led him to pick up a camera and teach himself photography. Discovering that he preferred wandering outside for pictures to the indoor work, he returned to what he knew—documenting horses and the horse-racing culture. Wickes' interests quickly expanded to wildlife (including a decade documenting the natural history of flamingos on five continents), lifestyle, landscape, travel and adventure; his travels have taken him throughout much of the United States as well as Mexico, The Bahamas, Bolivia, France, England, Kenya, and India. His images have been published in American Photographer, Audubon, Men's Health, National Geographic, Outside and The New York Times, on PBS-TV and in his award winning coffee table book Utah, Moments in Time. His images greet the eye, touch the soul, and capture intimate moments that are revealing, essential, and fleeting.

As a boy, Wickes was influenced by the images in National Geographic; later he studied the works of the great photographers Paul Strand, Sam Abell, Bill Allard, Ernst Haas, and Elliot Porter. The storytellers Wallace Stegner, Mark Twain and Charles Kuralt have also inspired him.